Knee replacement surgery is the last option for treating knee pain and other symptoms when no other treatment works. This type of joint replacement surgery is commonly performed in the elderly as they are highly prone to experiencing persistent knee pain as a result of age-related joint deterioration. In some cases, knee replacement is also required in adults, especially when the joint is badly damaged by a traumatic injury like an automobile accident. 

The surgery involves the use of knee implants that are placed as a replacement for damaged knee joints. To get a CE-certified range of knee implants or other orthopedic devices, find a reliable Orthopaedic Products Manufacturer near you. 

This post will talk about knee replacement surgery along with what recovery is like after the procedure. 

What is Knee Prosthesis?

Also known as knee implants, knee prostheses are orthopedic implants that are made of metals or non-metals. They are designed to work like an original knee joint after being replaced by surgery. They are placed in the knees when the joint is damaged as a result of a trauma or due to age-related factors. 

Different types of knee implants are available and the surgeon chooses the right one depending on the age of the patient and the type of condition that has led to knee replacement. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that just any knee implant cannot be used, several parameters are taken into the consideration before deciding on the right one. 

What Knee Replacement Surgery is Like?

Knee replacement surgery is a complex procedure that is performed by specialists to remove the damaged part of the joint and fill the gap with a prosthesis. During the procedure, the surgeon will make an incision to access the joint and remove damaged portions of it. Now, the bones will be resurfaced to ensure the better placement of the knee implant. 

After applying a knee implant, the surgeon will fix that with cement and place a plastic spacer between metal-made components of the implants to ensure smooth gliding motion. motion. The surgeon will also check the correct placement of the implant by moving the knee joint in different directions. If everything is right, the incision will be closed. 

How Recovery Occurs After Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement can be made using conventional open surgery and with a minimally invasive technique. The feasible one is selected by the surgeon based on the patient’s condition. Wherever possible, the surgeon chooses minimally invasive surgery. The recovery after this procedure is better and quicker when compared to open surgery. Besides this, less post-surgical pain will be there and lesser medicines are prescribed.

While on the other hand, with open surgery, the recovery takes a bit of time as this procedure is often done when the condition is more severe and cannot be fixed with the minimally invasive technique. In general, it takes several months to recover after a knee replacement, and assistance with physical therapy is also required to regain muscle strength and improve the range of motion. 

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